Financial Advisory

Financial Advisory

Financial Advisory and Accounting Services

With our expert and experienced staff, accounting and financial consultancy services are carried out meticulously both within the company and in our own office. In this context, in order to maintain the accounting system within the company in a healthy way, the current situation is analyzed by making necessary meetings with the pre-accounting personnel. Then, the management and administration of the general accounting process is planned. It is aimed to solve the problems before they start with the checks made at regular intervals. Control procedures for all financially valuable documents such as purchase and expense invoices, expense slips, expense slips, sales invoices, etc. coming to the accounting will be determined.

KOSGEB and SME Consultancy services;

KOSGEB, Small and Medium Industry Development Association, dir. There are many incentives and government subsidies within the institution. First of all, your institution will be registered to KOSGEB for the first time. Applications for incentives and supports within KOSGEB will be made, and the company will be informed about the incentives they can benefit from according to their needs. Dozens of support applications such as qualified personnel employment support, foreign fair support, brand patent catalog supports etc. within the body of KOSGEB can be made by us. Through our expert staff with SME Consultancy, applications are made by preparing projects for supports in many fields opened by KOSGEB and BEBKA.

Tax Legislation Consultancy and Information Services;

Providing necessary information about the tax laws and secondary legislation currently being implemented in our country, according to the company’s needs. Continuously following the changes in the field of tax legislation and notifying the company. Ensuring that the company can benefit from any exceptions, exemptions or discounts that can be benefited from in tax declarations and notifications. Informing the company about tax refund procedures and government incentives, if any, and providing their applications.

Social Security Legislation Consultancy and Information Services

Providing necessary information about the social security and secondary legislation currently being implemented in our country, according to the company’s needs. Continuously following the changes in the field of social security legislation and notifying the company. There are a number of incentives (discounts) that the company can benefit from regarding social security premiums. Arrangements and applications for these incentives can also be provided by us. If there are incentives that have not been utilized in the last 5 years retrospectively, necessary studies are carried out to obtain them.

Foreign Trade Consultancy Services

We would like to state that we have the capacity to meet your needs in the field of foreign trade with our staff who are competent in foreign trade legislation and practice. We operate in areas such as overseas new market research, entry into existing markets, continuous support at every stage of export, and logistics operation management. We can provide support in all our business and transactions in English and Italian.

Business and transactions related to VAT Refund;

Informing the company about tax refund procedures, if there are any, and providing their applications. Regarding VAT refunds arising from export and export registered transactions, the management and administration of this process, preparation of the VAT lists to be downloaded and uploaded. Monitoring and finalizing the VAT Refunds process before the tax office, and making budgeting projections for this.

CPAMehmet Ufuk Bayrakçı

Mehmet Ufuk Bayrakçı  graduated from Uludag University, Department of Public Administration in 2000 and was entitled to receive the SMMM license in 2005. Bayrakçı worked as an accounting manager in the private sector between 2003-2006 and joined Bayrakçı Financial Consultancy, founded by his father Yılmaz Bayrakçı, in 2007 and continued to carry on his professional activities independently.

About Us

BU CONSULTANCY has been operating in the fields of Accounting, Financial Advisory, Independent Audit, Legal, Tax and Social Security Services, Foreign Trade Consultancy, Financial Consulting, Investment and Incentive Consulting and also Law since 1997. Our company was established in 1997 by SMMM Yılmaz BAYRAKCI and continued its activities by making important contributions to the sector and expanding its expert staff over the years. THIS CONSULTANCY has continuously added new ones to its working areas and continued to grow in accordance with the requirements of technology and age. THIS CONSULTANCY has continued its breakthroughs in the sector after Mehmet Ufuk BAYRAKCI took over the management flag in 2002. With the authorization of Independent Auditor, it has started to take a role in the Independent Audit of important institutions in the sector. Bayrakçı Consultancy, which has not lost its taxpayer-oriented approach since its establishment and has always made a careful effort to improve this approach, was established in 2014 by Atty. With the participation of Beyza Bayrakçı, it started to serve you, our esteemed taxpayers and clients, in the field of law. With the globalizing world conditions, it was inevitable for Bayrakçı Consultancy to enter the field of foreign trade. In 2017, with the participation of SMMM İsmail Değirmenci, who has 5 years of experience in the Foreign Trade sector, support for Foreign Trade and Foreign Markets began to be offered to customers. In 2018, Investment, Finance and Incentive Consulting was added to the range of services. For this purpose, experienced names of the sector started to be employed within Bayrakçı consultancy and started to work as a partner. Bayrakçı Consultancy, Independent Audit and Legal Consultancy; With its staff who are all experts in their fields, it provides services to individual and corporate taxpayers and clients in terms of both local and international business and investments in Turkish, English and Italian.