Legal Advisory Services

Tax Law

Bayrakçı Financial Advisory, Independent Audit and Legal Consultancy; Attorney Beyza Bayrakçı and Financial Advisor Mehmet Ufuk Bayrakçı and Yılmaz Bayrakçı and with the Special Consultancy Service he received from Sworn-in Certified Public Accountants in Bursa, he provides a different and complete service to his taxpayers and clients in the field of tax law in Bursa. It provides consultancy services in many fields such as the follow-up of tax cases, the filing and follow-up of applications, legal consultancy services during tax investigations, tax restructuring of companies, tax planning, customs legislation and tax risk determination.

Commercial and Corporate Law

Law is a sub-branch of law that covers all legislation related to trade. Regulates Business Relationships Between Individuals.

Trade Partnerships are Collective, Commandite, Joint Stock, Limited, Cooperative Partnerships. The Law Regarding Documents is Gathered under the Title of Negotiable Documents. Forms of Arrangement Become Registered and Bearer Written. Negotiable Documents are in the Types of Policies, Bills, Checks, Commodity Notes, Transport Notes. Companies are basically divided into two as sole proprietorships and capital companies. While Ordinary Company, Collective Company and Limited Partnership are Private Companies, Limited Company, Limited Company and Joint Stock Company are Capital Companies. While the Identity, Personality and Relationships of the Partners are brought to the fore in Sole Proprietorships, only the capital brought by the partners is important in the Capital Companies.

Our Attorney Services in the Field of Commercial and Corporate Law; Unfair Competition, Bankruptcy and Postponement, Claims of Companies, Lawsuits for the Prevention of Violation of Trade Name, Lawsuits for Dissolution of Partnership and All Other Ordinary, Joint Stock and Limited Company Lawsuits.

Our Most Basic Purpose is to Offer the Most Effective Strategic Solutions to Our Clients and to Realize These Solutions. In this direction, we offer our services by working in close communication and cooperation with our clients and by quickly addressing all their needs. We see our clients as our business partners and aim to add value to their investments with our legal services.

Obligations and Property Law

The Law of Obligations is the Whole of Rules Regulating Debt Relationships. The reason that creates the debt relationship is called the sources of debt. Obligations may arise from contract, wrongful action, or unjustified acquisition.

Property Law, on the other hand, is the branch of law that directly regulates the “Relation of Dominion” between Persons and Things. Property Law Has Three Main Subjects. Real Rights, Possession and Land Registry.

Our Attorney Services in the Field of Law of Obligations and Property Law

Lawsuits for Material and Moral Compensation
Claims Cases
Lawsuits Arising from the Contract of Exception, Power of Attorney and Bullying
Compensation Lawsuits Arising from Tort
Compensation Lawsuits Regarding Unjust Attacks Via the Press
All Lawsuits Related to Rental
Eviction Cases
Cases for Determination of Rental Fee
Cases for Increasing the Rental Price
Cases for Determination of Place of Payment
Possession Lawsuits
Ecrimisil Lawsuits
Prevention of Retrieval (Prohibition of Intervention) Cases
Lawsuits Regarding the Establishment of All Kinds of Easement Rights
Remuneration Lawsuits
Izale-I Shuyu (Dissolution of Partnership) Cases
Preemption (Healing) Lawsuits
Deed Cancellation and Registration Cases
Cases Between the Land Registry Office and Persons
Lawsuits for Correcting Existing Errors in Land Registry
Expropriation Lawsuits
Lawsuits Arising from Planning of Lands and Failure to Grant Required Permits for License
Transfer and Sale of Movable and Immovable Goods and Lawsuits Arising from the Related Contracts
Mortgage and Pledge Establishment and Lawsuits Arising From Them.

Enforcement Law

It is the branch of law that deals with the debt of the debtor who cannot pay his debt, upon the request of the creditor, by confiscating his movable and immovable assets by force of the state.

In our office, Attorney and Consultancy Services are provided for the collection of the receivables of domestic and foreign companies and real persons in Turkey. Our Basic Principle is that the Client Gets His Receivables Fastest, Effectively and with the Least Cost.

By Our Expert Staff, In the Implementation of All Kinds of Enforcement and Bankruptcy Transactions, Following Enforcement Transactions and Lawsuits, Collection of Receivables, Seizure, Precautionary Attachment, Pledge, Mortgage Transactions, Participation in Meetings in Favor of Debtor and Creditor, Bankruptcy Claim or Postponement of Bankruptcy Cases for Companies and Institutions And Counseling And Legal Services Are Provided To Individuals.

Our Attorney Services in the Field of Enforcement Law

1.    Enforcement Criminal And Enforcement Law Cases

2.    Other Cases Within the Field of Enforcement Courts

3.    Actions for Annulment of the Tender

4.    Injunction Lawsuits

5.    Execution Proceedings Based on Ilam, Ilam and Foreign Exchange Bills

6.    Objection to the Payment Order, Removal of the Objection and Cancellation of the Objection

7.    Restitution Lawsuits

8.    Negative Decision Cases

9.    Actions for Cancellation of Disposition

Labor and Social Security Law

It is a branch of law that examines issues related to Labor Law, Worker Rights, Working Conditions, Worker Wages, Labor Unions and Employer-Labor Relations.

Our Attorney Services in the Field of Labor and Social Security Law

1.    Lawsuits for Termination of Employment Contract

2.    Work Accident and Compensation Cases Arising from Work Accident

3.    Re-employment Lawsuits

4.    Severance And Notice Indemnity Cases

5.    Service Detection Cases

6.    Contract Interpretation Cases

7.    Social Insurance Lawsuits

Consumer rights

In terms of our law, the concept of consumer includes real and legal persons who do not purchase goods or services for use in their professional and commercial activities. If the purchased good or service is to be used both in private life and in professional or commercial activities, those who purchase the goods for dual use or those who benefit from the service can be qualified as consumers, depending on the purpose for which they are used more.

In parallel with the change and development of economic systems, opportunists emerge who want to benefit from this ignorance of consumers. Manufacturers who know the qualities of goods and services as they used to be, are replaced by people who know less about the qualities of the goods compared to the manufacturers, but are knowledgeable about sales techniques and have the ability to persuade. With the Persuasion Ability of the Sellers, Unnecessary Goods are Purchased, and Sometimes Inadequate, Defective, Dangerous Goods are Purchased to Meet the Needs. Money that can be used to increase the quality of life can be indirectly used outside of its purpose.

Our Attorney Services in the Field of Consumer Rights Law

1.    Lawsuits Arising from Subscription Agreements

2.    Lawsuits Arising from Defective Goods

3.    Lawsuits Arising from Defective Services

4.    Lawsuits Arising from Timeshare Holidays

5.    Lawsuits Arising from Guaranteed Goods

6.    Lawsuits Arising from Unfair Terms

7.    Door-to-Door Sales – Lawsuits Arising from Distance Sales

8.    Lawsuits Arising From Credit Card Contracts And Use

9.    Lawsuits Arising from Housing Finance Contracts

10.  Lawsuits Arising from Package Tours

11.  Lawsuits Arising from Sales in Installments and Campaigns

12.  Lawsuits Arising from TOKİ Contracts

13.  Applications to the Arbitration Committee for Consumer Problems

14.  Lawsuits Arising from Consumer Loans

15.  Applications Required by Consumers to the Advertisement Board

16.  Applications Required by Consumers to the Competition Board