Roadmap to Company Establishment in Turkey


1. Obtaining Permission to Use a Company Name; Full notification of the company name you want to use here for the new company to be established in Turkey, in order to obtain the title usage permit by the Turkish authorities.

⦁ At least one business subject must be selected after the company title.
⦁ In addition to trading (purchasing and selling) and contract manufacturing(subcontracting), if the company itself plans to manufacture in the future, it must be notified to us. We will add the necessary suffixes for these works at the end of the company title according to your statement.


2. Preparation of the Company’s Articles of Association; If you share with us the titles of what the company will do, your Company Articles Of Association will be prepared and submitted for your approval by our Lawyers. Sample; Transformer systems, Iron and Steel products trade, Electrical and electronic products etc. identification of sectors.

3. Company Headquarters; Lease Contract prepared according to the company’s title after you have forwarded the title usage permit obtained from the Turkish authorities. The address in this lease will be included in all records as the head office address of the company. You can request assistance from our legal department for the preparation of the contract.

4. Company Capital; The capital amount to be invested for the company in Turkey should be determined by the company partner and notified to us. The capital amount should be consistent with the business that the company will do in Turkey in the first place.

5. Copy of Passport of Real Person who will be the Partner and Authorized Person of the Company; Copy of Passport of the real person who will be the partner of the company and who will be authorized to represent the company (This document will be translated by a “Sworn Translator” in Turkey and approved by the notary public as “like the original”.)

6. Company Establishment Procedures; After the necessary documents for the establishment of the company are completed and sent to us, applications will be made here and an appointment will be made at the signing stage for the establishment procedures. In this appointment, the company partner and authorized person will personally sign in the Trade Registry. (During this process, the “Sworn Translator” must also be present in the Trade Registry.)

7. What to Do After Company Establishment Procedures Are Completed; After the company establishment procedures are completed in the Trade Registry;

⦁ 2 signature circulars will be issued by the notary public in Turkey on behalf of the authorized representative of the new company. (During this process, the “Sworn Translator” must also be present in the Trade Registry.)
⦁ In order for us to follow the official transactions of the new company here before the state offices (tax office, trade registry, etc.) from the notary public in Turkey, a special power of attorney for “Accounting and Financial Advisory Affairs” should be given to us by the company representative.
⦁ The company address will be checked by the “Tax Office” in Turkey and the report to be drawn up here will be signed by the company representative.

8. Service Fee And Expenses;

⦁ You can request the price list of our consultancy for company establishment procedures.
⦁ The fees to be paid to the official offices for the establishment of the company, the payments and expenses to be made on your behalf, the official document translation fees and the “Sworn Translation” service fee to be collected will be reflected separately.

You can contact us for detailed information and questions.

Best Regards.

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