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Roadmap to Company Establishment in Turkey
ROADMAP TO COMPANY ESTABLISHMENT IN TURKEY (IF THE SHAREHOLDER IS A REAL PERSON) 1. Obtaining Permission to Use a Company Name; Full notification of the company name you want to […]
As a Foreign Citizen, How Can I Divorce?
Every divorce process is troublesome. However, divorcement of a foreign citizen and a Turkish citizen comparing to divorcement of both Turkish citizens is arduous. It may look like a mathematical […]
What Are The Conditions to Become a Turkish Citizen
People from various nationalities wonder the conditions for Turkish citizenship. In our article, we are going to examine the details of the conditions to become a Turkish citizen. Recent searches […]
Right of Succession of Foreigners Living Abroad and Benefit of The Right
Subject regarding the portion of the inheritance is contentious based on our connection’s and our experiences. Nevertheless, if you live abroad and the inheritance is subject to Türkiye, on the […]
How Can I Sell My Real Estate in Türkiye?
Many Turkish citizens living abroad buy and sell real estate properties. In the last period, increases in price have begun after Recep Tayyip Erdoğan(president of Türkiye) has announced the interest […]